By: Maurice Slade

By: Maurice Slade

Well it has been a while since I’ve written a blog.  I have taken the time to reflect on all that is going on.  I have also taken the time to sit and converse with many different viewpoints of this upcoming election (which happens to be 7 days away).  I think, with this being said, I can now understand that both major parties have a lot more in common than not.  So I have personally written this election off (pretty much for the same fact that I hate watching reality TV shows).

I have decided to focus on the next four years in educating myself, and hoping that you all do the same to ensure that we never have an election like this again.  Yes, I believe, in this election, that we have absolutely no good options here.  I think the party system is broken, and it plays on people’s beliefs with the deliverance of no action.  This election is disappointing - from the fact that we know more about each of these candidate’s dirty laundry, than the true policies that they want to put in play (once again like a reality show).  I even heard the talk of how the ratings were so much higher for the debates this year like it was a TV show to make money.  Just sad!! 

Yes, I have been incredibly loud and out spoken against those that heavily rep for either candidate.  Why?  Because what you are advocating is for this to become the normal in our election process.  By all means this is not normal, and not constructive, or conducive.

I have written off the next four years, and only trust in our Congress to be the watchdog over either one of these candidates (turds) to be elected president.  Does that mean that we sleep for the next three years like the status quo and become a political science major in the six months leading up to the next election?  Hell no!  The new beginning starts the day after the election.  The new beginning starts with us truly educating ourselves on facts so we can make a conscious vote.  As of right now we can’t even do that cause the majority of us including myself don’t know how that government truly works, and where we, the common people still hold power.  Yes! This means voting with knowledge every two years, not just every four.  Yes! This means being an active member in your community.  This is one of our civil duties, and to not take part is just not really American.

I know what you are all thinking, and yes you are right, this is the beginning of something that is new, I am talking about a movement.  Something I started a while ago, but was wondering what to do with it.  I call it the “United as One”’ movement.  This is where we understand that this is not about the party system, or Hilary or Donald.  We understand that what affects one, affects all.  So again, it’s not about Hilary or Donald, it’s about us as Americans.  Let me repeat that - it’s about Us as Americans.  There is no division when we look at us as Americans.  So hold on because this journey is just under way, and the day after election is the starting point!!!!