The winning of Donald Trump for this presidential election is of the obvious to be a change.  I can personally say some for the worse and some for the better.  I think he has caused a serious change in our presidential election process – which is good and bad.  I think the good in this is that our politicians have to revamp their entire process on to how they handle their campaigns, and they know their common status quo is not acceptable because the people have spoken in a major way.  I think this has its negative effects because of how the campaign was conducted.  There was no conducive debates on policies, the campaigns were ran more like a reality television show, meaning who can find the most dirt on the other person.  This is a part we really need to leave out of our politics.

I think the winning of Donald Trump has caused more acceptance of racism on an outspoken level.  I never really mention this because most people want to deny racism because it’s not flat out and blatant racism.  Well, I am here to tell you there is a thing called “implied racism”, which has the same effects or worse.  If I need to explain that, then you need no longer read this blog because your comprehension level is too low.  So, we now have people being out spoken of their racist ways and thoughts.  This puts our country back so far, more than you may think – and yes, racism has always been here, and it has never left, but this sets us so far back because this allows the thought and act to be socially acceptable.

Racism being socially acceptable is really the worst we can do because now the teaching, and the belief has a homage again.  This is very much in line with the problems we have eradicating terrorism in the Middle East.  Yes, I did that, I compared racism to terrorism, and to be honest it’s not even comparable it’s identical.  I think that Trump can turn the tide on this, but he will have to put in twice the amount of time, and twice the amount of effort than he did when he campaigned on his implied racist remarks.  The good thing is that now we can have a serious open conversation about all of this.  Yes, some of you will say Trump didn’t do this, Trump didn’t start this, Black Lives Matters did.  If you have that argument, I will happily invite you to have an open and recorded discussion with me on this topic.

In my book Trump represents change, and that’s what most people wanted out of this election, as we did in 2008.  Yes, in 2008 we did get change, and we surely forget what situation we were in during 2008, so we tend to think we didn’t.  The emergency feeling that Trump brought back to receive his votes aroused the feeling that we all had in 2008.  While we all can say Trump represents change we can only wait to see what type of change he represents.  Yes, change can be good, but not all change is good, hence the term “the grass is greener on the other side” deal, but all we can do is see and hope that things don’t go backwards, but we as America, keep driving forward!