“United As One” by my definition is when one does wrong to one of my community members; you have done wrong to my community, no matter whom or what they are.

The “United As One” band means that you take the responsibility as a member of a community; not only as a local community, but on a greater, national scale, and even at a worldwide level.  To take responsibility means to hold your friends, family, peers and people in our community accountable to do the right thing.  This responsibility means you are open to education on views of all aspects on social issues.  This means admitting when you are wrong, and being open to changing your views.  This also means when you are right, to know with proof of fact that you are right so you can educate people. (This means leave your personal beliefs out of it).  United As One is publically advertising that you believe if you do wrong to one of my community members you have done wrong to my community, no matter who or what they are.  Wrong is wrong!!!

This band is transparent for a couple reasons.  The first reason is to express the fact that we need to stop seeing people with all the devices of division (Race, Color, Religion, Political and the list goes on). This means we need to start seeing people for their character.  Yes, this means willingly, truly converse with them to get to know, or at least understand who they are before you judge them.  The second reason this band is transparent is to be a conversation starter.  While it does say something, it is not clearly visible from a distance.  If someone wants to know what it says, they literally have to ask you, and that’s when the conversation of getting to know someone for their character starts.


To receive your wrist band please contact me at Maurice@thedisputedtruth.com

Once again I want to thank you for the support.